Wine and Design

A couple weeks ago my oldest sister Melinda, her daughter (my sweet twin!) Victoria, and their family friend Danielle took the long roadtrip from upstate NY to visit us down here in the heart of North Carolina!

Me and my lovely mother and with my gorgeous niece, Victoria!

On Friday night we spent some girl time together at Wine and Design. The design for that evening was bamboo--it looked easy enough at first!
My background before getting to the leaves and branches and the teacher helping my niece. Almost all of us had "moments", as the owner liked to call it, where we were on the verge of having a meltdown. Did I mention most of my family is OCD? Painting outside the lines was tough for us.
Our finished masterpieces!
I won't even lie--I was rather proud!

The following night we had our family game night with Apples to Apples, tons of laughs, and this amazing Nutella cheesecake dip I made (domesticated success!). The visit with my sister and niece was so special, but definitely not long enough!



  1. I love Wine & Design! It's always so fun to go to! I love the painting y'all did!

  2. We had so much fun! If you haven't been, I urge you to try it~


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