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Dreamy Boudoir

Sharing photos from that one sunny afternoon that I got nearly naked and had an absolutely dreamy boudoir session with Amanda Sutton Photography + Caroline with The Prettiest Pieces after Ashley Watts made me feel like a queen after our hair + makeup session. When I was first introduced to Caroline last year, there were a couple things that were clear right away - she is passionate, she is a visionary, she is driven, and she has incredible taste that’s brought to life with each event that she styles.
I am honored to call this talented industry partner a friend, and I feel so lucky that she called me to come hang with her and Amanda for this whimsical afternoon in her studio.

God designed me from start to finish, top to bottom. Time has changed my outward appearance. And growing life within changed me even more. But now, more than ever, I am most confident in my skin. I feel strong and empowered. And I feel beautiful - especially looking back at images from this special photo shoot day.

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