Wardrobe Obsession: Peplum

I highly doubt you can go a week without seeing the great style of the peplum somewhere around town. It is a shape I have fallen deeply in love with. My first peplum purchase was a 3/4-sleeve white with red and blue dots with an exposed gold zipper in the back. Gorgeous. I was so excited to wear it to our neighbor's 2012 Super Bowl party and root for the New England Patriots (for no particular reason at all..). Little did I know that the New York Giants sported the same exact color scheme. Partial fail, but at least I was always on the winning side!

Since then, my peplum obsession and purchases have grown, anywhere from solids, prints, sleeveless, and to my newest addition: white on white brocade. I am beyond excited to break it out when we have some permanent warm weather around here. I am thinking I'll pair it with my aqua skinnies or bright ankle pants. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Here are a few of my favorite peplums seen around: