How to Ask Your Bridesmaids

The Mr. is blessed enough to have remained so close to his friends all the way from elementary school through college and now beyond. Because of this, we had a bit of a hard time deciding how many bridesmaids and groomsmen to have...and then who!

Considering we're only planning on having around 85 guests, we decided on an intimate-sized wedding party. I asked two of my best girlfriends to be my bridesmaids (no maid of honor here!). I really wanted the two girls in my Bible study to be a part of our special day as well, so I asked them to be my honorary bridesmaids.

To ask the girls to be my bridesmaids I printed out this adorable card in our wedding colors and packaged them along with some stickygrams of us I ordered! I then created my own envelopes in coordinating colors!

For the honoraries I wanted to do something a little different. I created our custom monogram in our wedding colors, of course, and then used fancy typography in Publisher to create a similar special invite for them packaged in my DIY envelopes with stickygrams!

How to Ask Your Bridesmaids on Darling Cashmere
I ended up clipping the ask cards to be a lot smaller in order to fit inside the envelopes.
PS check out that double-sided tape. Ew, talk about yellowing with age..

How to Ask Your Bridesmaids on Darling Cashmere
The most fun part was using my metallic Sharpies to create little polka dots all over the handmade envelopes!
I chose gold for the yellow envelopes and silver for the mint.

Even though I often see the girls in person, there is something so fun and, these days, out-of-the-ordinary about receiving snail mail, so I sent these via USPS.

How did you or how are you planning to ask your bridesmaids?


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  1. Nice and brilliant ideas, highly appreciate your sharing. If you going to ask bridesmaid about Wedding Dress idea, what will be the funniest way? :D


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