Southern Spring Soiree

In the midst of planning my wedding, I want to do something fun to celebrate the warm weather and lush, Spring greenery (yes, I am choosing to ignore the fact that it was sleeting and snowing just yesterday)! I am planning a Southern Spring BBQ and thought I would share with you my essentials inspiration.

So maybe I'm dressing this BBQ up a bit more than just your average hamburgers and hot dogs cookout, but I did go to school for event planning afterall, so I decided to go the extra mile or so for this party--hence, the Southern Spring Soiree has been born.

Southern Spring Soiree on Darling Cashmere

Invites: Love these Rifle Paper Co. Garden Party Invites. These invites are gorgeous enough to hang on your fridge long past the party date!

Flowers: These are a must. Head to your local Trader Joe's or Farmers Market for fresh blooms at a major deal. Mismatched containers and vases are key to keeping it fun and relaxed.

Tablecloths: You may already have a fantastic outdoor patio set, but our less-than-pleasing table would look much better draped in a vintage tablecloth.

Cucumber Water: Offer a refreshing twist on water. Encourage a glass of it between cocktails and beers for a fun (and safe!) night.

Floral Paper Straws: What's the point of buying fun patterns and colors of paper straws only to stash them away for "just the right occasion"? Bring these babies out and you're sure to have an impressed crowd.

Mason Jars: Easy drinking for those not sporting the coozied beer. These look much better than a red solo cup (sorry, Toby Keith..) and you don't have to worry about your favorite vintage cocktail glasses being dropped.

Cupcakes: Well this is a personal must. I have yet to master cooking, but I am not half-bad at baking--and cupcakes are my specialty.

Cocktail Card: Can you beat a fabulous free printable? Of course not. I am thinking of putting it in one of my spare picture frames..okay I'm done thinking about it, I am definitely going to.

S'mores: So maybe the picture of the s'mores didn't exactly fit in perfectly with the floral aesthetic in my inspiration pictures, but we are blessed enough to have a brick patio area and fire pit in the far back of the yard (hand-dug and brick-laid by the Mr. himself!) so s'mores are a go-to when the sun goes down. I can think of nothing more fun than roasting marshmallows on a warm Spring night surrounded by our closest friends!



  1. Love this entry, Rebecca! I must confess, it's actually the theme of our reception! An upscale Country Barbecue, if you will! :)

  2. Well then I am sure it will be a gorgeous event! I hope my inspiration is helpful! xoxo


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