Swimwear: Bikini Edition

So, if you're like me, you have yet to strip off the winter layers that have been protecting (or hiding?) your shoulders, legs, and, dare I say it, your tummies.

With a beach bachelorette weekend coming up for a dear sweet girlfriend of mine I have been doing hardcore ab crunches during television commercials, squats while blow-drying my hair, and side bends while cooking at the kitchen stove. I may or may not be absolutely bikini ready in the next two weeks, but hey..at least I tried, right? And my new high-waisted swimsuit may help with that. I digress...

Below is my swimwear inspiration for the season: bikini edition. Stay tuned for a onesies edition--I see gorgeous one-piece suits popping up all over the place!

Vintage Laura Urbinati on Darling Cashmere

Navy Scallops on Darling Cashmere

Aqua Stripes on Darling Cashmere

High-waisted Ruffles on Darling Cashmere

See more fabulous swimwear on my Pinterest board!


PS don't forget to coat on the coconut oil and shave those cold-weather fur stockings you've been growing..eek!


  1. I've been so bad about working out lately! Sounds like you are keeping up with it though! I love that first swimsuit. Sort of retro. Love it!


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  2. Loving that scalloped top. So beyond cute. Great post, love. If you a get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


  3. Amy, we'll see how my "hard work" pays off this weekend haha!


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