Happy Friday, gals!

I knew that Aerie had a strong campaign going for showing "real" girls without any retouching or airbrushing (loved Natalie's article on it), but little did I know its impact until it came time for bikini shopping. I hopped on the website after seeing this Instagram picture of the most adorable pineapple bikini and was so amazed by seeing the unexpected that I had to share with the ladies in my office, and now you!

Supporting Aerie in this new campaign is huge, and I hope you'll jump on-board as well. Honestly just seeing these images of real girls makes me feel more confident to don my new bikini and forgot about the "perfect beach body". We're all beautiful just the way God has made us--barely-there booties, curvy legs, and washboard abs, we're all unique and wonderfully made!
And here's the lovely pineapple bikini that I ordered--won't it just be perfect for our Bahamas honeymoon?!
Happy Summer ladies!

All photos via Aerie.


Note: This is not a sponsored blog post.