Taking a Break

You may have noticed the sneaky little announcement here about a new position that I have recently taken as Events Coordinator with the beautiful venue WinMock at Kinderton. My first day was Monday, and gosh is my mind in overdrive. With it being a brand-new position to the company, we are still figuring out the best way for me to train and learn the ropes--and with that comes a necessary [short] break for Darling Cashmere.

In this transition period I will be taking a week or two hiatus from blogging to get focused and direct my attention on my day job, which I am very excited about and can't wait to see all the ways it will unfold! I also plan to work behind-the-scenes on some new content, which could prove slightly more difficult now that I am no longer an office away from my bestie/blog photographer and my Mr. (who has been sick for a week now) is not all that fab behind the lens. But with fresh ideas and outfit inspiration swimming around in my head I can't wait to see what will come--so stay tuned!

Check my Instagram and Facebook for updates on new posts and you can always check out the recent DIY projects (Gold Urchin, Gold Glitter Polka Dot Garland, and Pom Pom Drink Stirrers) for some quick, gold decor ideas during the break!