DIY: Gold Urchin

Time for another DIY! And this one is super simple--but the DIY's I tackle usually are!
First seen here, I pulled inspiration from Pinterest and some favorite bloggers!

Step 1. Cut your styrofoam ball in half. I didn't measure--eyeballing it works just fine. Plus my pack from Michaels came with 6 so I had back-ups. I used a long, serrated knife. Use slow slice movements or it will just crumble.
Step 2. Stick your half-circle with toothpicks. I saw a couple different DIY's using chopped bamboo skewers and even some other spike options found at craft stores, but I stuck with toothpicks. We've had a pack of 1,000 that has lasted for years so I had plenty to spare.

I stuck the first toothpick in the top center then went out from there first creating an X then filling in the spaces. I didn't measure, just filled them in where needed.
Step 3. Spray paint! Of course I chose gold, but my Mr. threw out the idea of dipping the ends of the spikes in my black calligraphy ink (ahem..seemed like a bit of a waste of ink that's not all that inexpensive), but I think painting it all black or dipping the ends in some black paint may be cool! And there's always white!

Be aware that the spray paint will eat away at the styrofoam slightly, but not enough to be a big deal.

The final step is to decorate! I chose to add it to my bar cart, but I love the way it looks styled on a coffee table or shelf.

If you're not into DIY'ing then you can purchase gold urchins/starbursts from Furbish or Waiting on Martha plus this fun ceramic version from Zhush! If you do end up making, I'd love for you to share on Instagram--just tag me!