Honorary Bridesmaids

The role of honorary bridesmaids differs from wedding to wedding based on the bride, wedding party, how close the bride is with the honoraries, and what the needs are.

Here is the quick skinny on honorary bridesmaids and their roles and duties:
  • Wedding dress shopping (tips here!)
  • Attend bridal shows with the bride and the rest of her entourage
  • Help plan wedding details, as necessary
  • DIY and craft parties for decor and favors
  • Help plan bridal soirees (bridal shower and bachelorette festivities)
  • Attend bridal luncheon
  • Wear dresses in a particular color or theme
  • Name displayed on wedding programs/signage
  • Get ready with the bride and rest of the bridal party on the day-of
  • Walk down the aisle and sit in reserved seating for the ceremony
  • Help usher or greet guests pre-ceremony
  • If needed, help with any set-up for events, including the ceremony and reception
  • Serious support in times of bride stress or possible meltdown!

Remember to be thankful! These girls are going to be a huge help and special part of your big day and journey into and through marriage!

Check out these gorgeous bridal party snapshots:
Honorary Bridesmaids on Darling Cashmere
Love the look of mismatched bridesmaid dresses!
Honorary Bridesmaids on Darling Cashmere
Honorary Bridesmaids on Darling Cashmere
Honorary Bridesmaids on Darling Cashmere
All images via Loverly



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  2. Looove theses! So fun! The first and third are my favorite! Hugs form Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  3. I cant express the loveliness of this post, bridesmaid dresses are STUNNING and beautiful photography.

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