DIY: Chalkboard Pantry Doors

So this project has probably been on my mind and to do list for months. I have even had the Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint patiently sitting on a side table waiting for me to get started. I can happily say that I finally started and completed the project--and I absolutely LOVE the final result!

The tools I used:
  • Chalkboard paint (one bottle was plenty)
  • Paint brush (literally just found an old one I had stashed in a craft box)
  • Painters tape (I used Frogtape brand leftover from a couple years ago)
  • Newspaper or dropcloth for the floor
  • I used a paper plate for the paint, but you are more than welcome to use something much more fancy!
  • Chalk! (When I first went to purchase supplies, it must have been beginning of camp season because the chalk at Michaels was completely out of stock. Staples carries the Martha Stewart brand at a much higher price, but the Crayola box I found works just fine!)

Here are my start-to-finish pictures:

Darling Cashmere
I actually decided not to paint the top pantry cabinet doors, but snapped a picture just to show the total "before" look (Clearly, I can't wait to paint the rest of the cabinet. Any color suggestions?)

Darling Cashmere
The directions on the paint bottle said I'd need to paint at least 3 coats, but I probably did 4. I felt a little discouraged on the first couple coats because of all the streakiness (my fault--I decided against prepping the surface with sandpaper, etc.), but after a few more coats it was as smooth as it could be!

Darling Cashmere
Because of the detail on the cabinets, it really only made sense to paint the inside portion of the doors.
Please don't judge me for the junk food you may be able to see hiding in the pantry haha. We do eat healthy every now and then, but I just have a major sweet tooth!

DIY: Chalkboard Pantry Doors via Darling Cashmere
I did this quick menu on the fly before heading to the mountains this past weekend. And we really did have chicken stir fry last night (best recipe ever courtesy of my dear friend, Stevie!)

I am beyond excited to have this little hidden menu in there. I frequently head to the store with a weekly menu in mind, but by the time I get back home and have put away all the ingredients I can hardly remember what I had planned. This will save on those last-minute decisions to have Chinese take-out (at least I am hoping so!)

Are you working on any small home improvement projects yourself?



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