DIY: Stag Head Silhouette Art

Ready for a super quick (even the cutting part), easy (no technical skills necessary), and adorable DIY project?! Well, here you go! I got a bit of inspiration from the gorg Stephanie Sterjovski in her SS Print Shop and went from there.

Materials Needed:
-Background paper in a pattern of your choice (I chose a fun tartan for some seasonal art)
-X-acto knife
-Safe cutting surface
-Frame of your choice
-Double-sided tape or some form of adhesive safe for paper

Step 1
Quite simply you just gather your materials, print the stag head silhouette and you're ready to go. I used the jpg silhouette available on manmade, but look at all these silhouette printables here and here! You could also use any type of patterned paper that you want or even leftover material scraps. Your local craft store is likely to have tons of different scrapbook paper options. I actually slightly cheated and printed off the tartan pattern from Saffron Avenue!

I saved the jpg version of the silhouette and then chose to print using the 5x7 cutout option so it only printed on half the page (you can see that above). It did cut off the antlers a tiny bit, but it's a pretty straight cut there so it didn't affect the project in the least.

Step 2
Once you have it cut out, you are virtually done. All you have to do is stick the silhouette onto your patterned paper and frame it! I just used double-sided tape to apply mine. Just be sure that you flip the silhouette so the black lines leftover from cutting are facing the back.

One of the cool parts of this project is that after I was done cutting out the silhouette I noticed that I had a pretty cool piece of scrap paper left, which I then just put some pretty paper behind and was able to make TWO pieces of art at a time (last seen here!).

My finished products:
I hung this one on the wall beside the entertainment center
For this one, I used gold glitter wrapping paper purchased at Michaels and decorated by Holiday Mantel



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