Casual Friday

Let me just start by saying I LOVE casual Fridays at the office. Pairing my favorite denim with a top is just so easy. Apologies if I am taking the simple way out here, but really. I can do so much more with a great pair of skinnies than I can with a pair of trousers. Versatility is key.
Darling Cashmere
Darling Cashmere
Notice the empty wrists..and fingers. This was not on purpose. Enter: the latte.
When you forget your accessories and jewels, all you really need is Starbucks in your hand.
Darling Cashmere
Sunnies from a BHI boutique (Ray-Ban) // Statement Necklace (Vintage Beauty) // Black H&M Tee // Target Denim // Black Bag (love the gold detail) // MIA flats (fun toes)

What is your go-to accessory?