Getting Ready for NYC

Okay so I am pleased, stoked, honored, and just plain beyond excited to share that one of my dear best friends, Paige, and myself are taking a roadtrip to visit another bestie, Alana, up in NJ next week! Besides the obvious excitement of best friends being reunited and some incredible girl time, I will add that she lives just one hour from the big city.
New York City, that is!

So clearly we are taking a full day (which means taking the earliest possible train over that morning) to visit everything and anything on the island of Manhattan. This will be my second time there (and Paige's first time) so I am clearly not the pro at city visiting that I wish I was. With that said, I need your help!

Calling all NYC locals and frequenters:
Where should we go? Where should we visit? What should we do? What should we eat?

I would love and appreciate all tips and local secrets!

Getting Ready for NYC on Darling Cashmere
Despite my MAJ excitement, I haven't gotten very far on my plan of attack for the city. In fact, I've only marked down Flower District. Is that even the correct area?! Sometimes Google searches can be so misleading..



  1. Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Saint Patricks Cathedral, Broadway play is a MUST, Metropolitan Museum of Art another MUST, China town food. There's a LOT to do.


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