Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year's Eve & How to Wrap a Wine Bottle

Happy New Year's Eve, darlings!

Never show up to a soirée empty-handed if you can absolutely help it. A nice bottle of wine or champz is (usually) always appropriate.

Adding a pretty bow and tag works just fine, but if you want to fancy it up a bit and you don't expect the bottle to be opened at the party then try wrapping it in some of your leftover holiday tissue paper. This can be a bit trickier than you may expect if you aren't rolling the bottle at an angle. I made a quick flipagram video to help you out--enjoy!


Plaid ribbon from Michaels, Gold tissue paper from Dollar Tree, and printable tag via A Fabulous Fete

For the bow, I'm leaving the directions to experts like Melissa of Yours Truly Paper!


Monday, December 30, 2013

NYE Bar Cart

As mentioned here, my two dear friends Paige and Amanda gifted the Mr. and I with a new bar cart to celebrate our nuptials! It couldn't have been a more perfect gift--I had been eyeing it for several weeks and the wood and gold perfectly complement each other, which is the ideal mix of our two styles together!

So over the past few days I have become a self-dubbed DIY queen and decorated the pretty baby for New Year's Eve! Despite the fact we'll be celebrating with friends at an Avett Brothers concert, I still love the festivity it brings to our dining room!

For styling the bar cart in a year-round fashion I found tons of inspiration on some of my favorite blogs and of course on Pinterest. See my favorites here: Devon Rachel Blog, The Glitter Guide (using the very same Target bar cart!), Style Me Pretty Living 1 and 2, and the hostess of all hostesses Roxy of Society Social.

I started off by moving my favorites from our previous bar area to the cart. Then I added a few Christmas gift goodies and Trader Joe's bar must-haves like Pellegrino and fresh juices. After that, I felt like I had a pretty amazing looking bar cart, but I wanted to add some fun NYE pizazz with printables and DIY projects.

For New Year's Eve specific decor, I was truly inspired by The Great Gatsby (I mean who isn't inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's epic tale?!) and a styled post by The Sweetest Occasion!

I adore this simple sticker label for champz!
I loved this fun banner, but I knew I needed some more glam!
Making this gold polka dot garland was so easy and I can't wait to share the DIY with you very soon!
If you're on Pinterest at all you may have seen the gorg gold or brass urchin floating around in decor world. For being so showstopping it's incredibly affordable, but this DIY was of course a fraction of the price. Stay tuned for the DIY!
This fancy drink stirrers were so, so simple. The printable circles can be found on Haute Chocolate, but I'll be posting the gold pom pom DIY in the coming weeks! They're fun for year-round use!

Sources: Target Bar Cart, Fox Cocktail Shaker (fun option), Cheers Shot Glasses (confetti option), Gold Confetti Hiballs (cheers hiballs and tumblers), Nate Berkus Gold-dipped bowl (DIY idea), and Gold & Black Chevron Straws, Dollar Tree Gold-rimmed Hiballs, Jenny Bevlin Print c/o, Walmart Frame, Anthropologie Wishbone Bottle Opener c/o, Home Goods Gold Coasters, Art Deco Journals,  Gold Striped & Chevron Straws, Haute Papier Tipsy Coasters, TJ Maxx Glass Bottle, DIY tassel garland, glitter polka dot garland, drink stirrers, and gold sea urchin (posts coming soon!)

DIY and printable sources: Happy 2014 Banner, Silver Eyelash Yarn from Michaels, and Pop Fizz Clink champz printable. Other sources and DIY posts coming soon!

I originally thought about adding the tassel garland (also seen here) across the front, but there's only so much one bar cart can handle. It's on the verge of overkill as it is. Then I thought about slightly disassembling the garland and adding a few of the tassels to the sides. But I ended up hanging the tassel above for the time being. We hope to move things around a bit in the dining room and find a permanent location for this bar cart beauty, but for now she looks just fab where she is!

Hope all of you have a wonderful and sparkly time decorating for New Year's!


Friday, December 27, 2013

Jewels and Leopard

Embellished Sweater (splurge) // Phillip Lim for Target Bag via ld standard (3.1 Phillip Lim) // Denim // Leopard Pumps

I wore this pretty ensemble complete with jewels and leopard print for a shopping excursion and dinner with family. These pumps are incredibly easy to walk in and add easy class to any outfit. They get an A+ in my book, and if you're debating between the Target version and J. Crew Ettas, these are definitely worth it for less than $30!

Remember: "As far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral." -Jenna Lyons

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, lovelies!

My morning plans look exactly like that, except I'll switch out the tea for specialty coffee and fancy creamer!
The rest of the day will be spent with precious family and our full tummies!

Enjoy this wonderful celebration of our Lord Savior's birth!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Easy Holiday Decor: Golden Pears

Merry Christmas Eve, darlings!

Today I am sharing a super quick and inexpensive holiday decor DIY. Oh, and it's incredibly easy! This is perfect for any last-minute decor if you're having friends and family over for any type of Christmas get-together. Happy spray painting!

The decorative pear in its original green color. I intended to remove the string loop at the top, but I had a strange feeling that if I cut it off I'd immediately think of the perfect use for it so I didn't. By the way, I still haven't thought of that perfect use, but the extra string loops don't bother me too much.
Love this blog post from Chris Loves Julia on which gold spray paint is best (and what do you know, she's spray painting faux pears!). 
No, I didn't add those little round beads, although you certainly could if wanted to apply a layer of glue and sprinkle something similar on for a little extra flair (try these). You could even use gold glitter spray paint instead!

No complicated DIY steps here.. I just spread out a bit of scrap newspaper on the back deck and got to it. The paint dries so quickly that I came back between 5 and 10 minutes to rotate them and spray the bottoms. This project took 20 minutes tops including the drying time--so it's ideal if you're tidying up or doing a little baking at the same time!
 This DIY project was practically free as my Mr. already had these random green decorative pears on-hand. And this is also one of the easiest DIY decor projects I have ever done with results that are hard to mess up. They instantly add holiday decor to nearly any room--all you have to do is arrange them in a fancy bowl or in a tall vase. I also love the idea of using them as place settings (seen here on Freutcake).

Purchase your faux fruit at the Dollar TreeWalmart, or your local craft store.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Officially a Mrs.!

It's official--I'm a Mrs.!
This past weekend my Mr. and I exchanged our vows and wedding bands in front of God, our Pastor Sonny, and Pastor Andrew and his wife Stephanie! Pastor Andrew and Stephanie did our pre-marital counseling over the past several months, and we are beyond thankful for their support and love.
It was a whirlwind of a morning with a surprise visit from my two dear friends Paige and Amanda, who came bearing gifts (more on that later!), and then me locking my car and house keys inside as I was on my way out headed to the church. It was clearly a miracle that I had already grabbed the marriage license and Ryan's wedding band and that Paige and Amanda could drop me off at the church!
Paige (my official outfit photographer for the blog!) snapped a few photos of me before we jumped in the car and raced to the church. This was just after realizing I locked my house and car keys inside AND got my heel stuck not once but twice (the second time in that driveway crack right behind me!), but I'm still all smiles!

Despite the fact that it was the first day of winter, the weather was beautiful and unseasonably warm, so we were able to have the ceremony just outside of our church building. (Thank goodness it was just chilly enough for me to wear that incredible vintage faux fur jacket that my mother gave me!) It was such a special and personal time, and we are so thankful for all the blessings that the Lord has continued to bestow on us in our relationship and now in our marriage.

While our immediate families and a few of our friends knew of our wedding plans, we hadn't told everyone beforehand, so we sent out a little impromptu video letting them know the news. And although we didn't technically "elope" (darn--I announced a few times that we were eloping and it was just so fun and dramatic to say!), we did want to keep this ceremony very private and intimate in order to keep the planned ceremony and reception in June 2014 still meaningful for our family and friends.

Here are just a few snapshots of our overnight getaway at a gorgeous (and green!) local spot, Proximity Hotel!
The sweetest surprise from Ryan was waiting for me at the hotel--and the best part was the note that read "Hello Mrs. Kearns!"
We were shuttled in style the next morning to a delicious breakfast at O.Henry Hotel
Despite the wet weather on Sunday, we had such a wonderful time exploring the lower level of O.Henry. This courtyard was too pretty not to step outside in the rain for a quick picture!

[Just kidding--I promise I'll only sign "Mrs." for the first week or so!]

Friday, December 20, 2013

Favorite FREE Christmas Gift Tag Printables

Hello, darlings! For all of you planning to wrap all of your Christmas gifts this weekend then this is perfect timing! I have rounded up several of my favorite free Christmas gift tag printables for you (links below)! For those of you on my list, you may be seeing some of these. ;) Enjoy!

Favorite FREE Printable Christmas Gift Tags on Darling Cashmere

1. oana befort // 2. saffron avenue (ps look familiar? I used that tartan pattern as the background for this DIY project!) // 3. lindsey bee // 4. funkytime // 5. hey look // 6. heart handmade // 7. shanty 2 chic // 8. live laugh rowe // 9. creative index

For more holiday inspiration and additional printables of all kinds, check out my holiday & seasonal Pinterest board!


kensie Giveaway Winner!

Rafflecopter powered by Random.org has chosen the winner of the kensie giveaway by randomly selecting one of the entries--and the winner is PAIGE L.!

Darling Cashmere

Thank you to everyone who participated and for supporting the brands that make Darling Cashmere possible! Stay tuned for other giveaways and best of luck!

Paige, please e-mail me and I'll get the information sent over for you to pick out the kensie item of your choice!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY: Stag Head Silhouette Art

Ready for a super quick (even the cutting part), easy (no technical skills necessary), and adorable DIY project?! Well, here you go! I got a bit of inspiration from the gorg Stephanie Sterjovski in her SS Print Shop and went from there.

Materials Needed:
-Background paper in a pattern of your choice (I chose a fun tartan for some seasonal art)
-X-acto knife
-Safe cutting surface
-Frame of your choice
-Double-sided tape or some form of adhesive safe for paper

Step 1
Quite simply you just gather your materials, print the stag head silhouette and you're ready to go. I used the jpg silhouette available on manmade, but look at all these silhouette printables here and here! You could also use any type of patterned paper that you want or even leftover material scraps. Your local craft store is likely to have tons of different scrapbook paper options. I actually slightly cheated and printed off the tartan pattern from Saffron Avenue!

I saved the jpg version of the silhouette and then chose to print using the 5x7 cutout option so it only printed on half the page (you can see that above). It did cut off the antlers a tiny bit, but it's a pretty straight cut there so it didn't affect the project in the least.

Step 2
Once you have it cut out, you are virtually done. All you have to do is stick the silhouette onto your patterned paper and frame it! I just used double-sided tape to apply mine. Just be sure that you flip the silhouette so the black lines leftover from cutting are facing the back.

One of the cool parts of this project is that after I was done cutting out the silhouette I noticed that I had a pretty cool piece of scrap paper left, which I then just put some pretty paper behind and was able to make TWO pieces of art at a time (last seen here!).

My finished products:
I hung this one on the wall beside the entertainment center
For this one, I used gold glitter wrapping paper purchased at Michaels and decorated by Holiday Mantel


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday Pick-Me-Up

I've been thinking--as much work as we put into decorating our homes to make them look and feel just so, especially around the holidays (and even more so for Christmas), how much "work" are we putting into ensuring our homes are serving the Lord? This is a "nugget" (as my good friend Stevie would call it) that has been on my heart the last week or so, and I am praying that the Lord reveals big things to me on different ways that we can love and serve our Mighty and Saving King.

I would love to hear some encouragement! In what ways is your house serving the Lord--especially this Christmas season?


PS I just discovered the etsy shop where the print above is listed, and I love it--you should definitely check out Juliet Grace Hand Lettering + Design!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Navy Chunky Knit: Part 3

Golden Road Necklace c/o Purple Paparazzi via Suburban Faux-Pas // Sweater (similar) // Dress (perfect for layering, in love with this daisy printblack option) // Tights // Old Navy Boots

So today I had the intention to share a DIY Stag Head Silhouette Art (seen here), but looks like last night I totally forgot and instead ate pizza and cookie dough and snuggled with my pup Cashmere all night watching Love Actually. Pretty fair trade-off, if you ask me.

With that said, it looks like we've come to Part 3 of styling my newest favorite closet staple--my Navy Chunky Knit. If you read this tweet then you might have seen this outfit post coming. I couldn't think of a better way to get more use out of my bright Spring dresses then layering a favorite knit over them. Not only do I get year-round use of my dainty frocks, but the bright colors and fun mix adds a little pep in my wintertime step!


PS Have you entered the kensie giveaway yet?! Only a few more days to enter!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Navy Chunky Knit: Part 2

Sunnies (similar) // Old Navy Flannel (currently out of stock--similar) // Sweater (similar, loving this) // Denim (similar) // Boots

In Part 2 of the Navy Chunky Knit I layered my sweater over a seasonal button-up with skinny denim and tall riding boots. A simple and slightly preppy look perfect for transitional weather!

And I am so glad I snatched up this flannel button-up before Black Friday. I got it on sale and didn't have to fight over the last size small. It's the perfect boyfriend fit and the cozy flannel material has me daydreaming of pairing it with leggings, wool socks, and a hot cup of coffee on a sunny Saturday morning.


PS Don't forget to enter the kensie Giveaway!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

kensie Giveaway!

kensie Giveaway on Darling Cashmere
Although I'm not featuring this fab black and white buffalo check overcoat I just had to get a quick picture in it. Check out that print mixing!
kensie Giveaway on Darling Cashmere
A couple weeks ago I was in the midst of holiday outfit planning. This is always slightly stressful--there's the tacky sweater party, the annual cookie exchange. office wrapping party, girlfriend get-togethers, and the list goes on.. Then kensie sent me this AMAZING top, and I knew right away that it would be the perfect holiday closet addition and I could even get away with wearing it long after the holidays have passed when I'm feeling fancy!
kensie Giveaway on Darling Cashmere
Look at that gorgeous beading! I obviously don't even need to adorn myself in layers of jewels since this top comes complete with all the bling necessary. And did you notice the subtle and incredibly trendy vegan leather paneling on the shoulders? Just the right amount of extra interest to dress up a super soft black top. It's my obvious choice for holiday soirées!

And the absolute best part is you can win your very own kensie brand item! I'm sure you've heard of kensie and even more sure you've seen it styled around town (it's available at fab places like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Macy's just to name a few!). kensie is a young contemporary brand that I just know you'll fall in love with!

Just enter the contest via Rafflecopter below.
kensie Giveaway on Darling Cashmere
 kensie Giveaway on Darling Cashmere
kensie Embellished Top c/o // Emerald Skinnies (similar) // Phillip Lim for Target Bag c/o ld standard (Phillip Lim 3.1) // Leopard Pumps
kensie Giveaway on Darling Cashmere

Here's your chance! Enter the contest via Rafflecopter below to win a kensie brand item of your choice! The contest runs through Thursday, December 19 at midnight, and the winner will be announced here on Darling Cashmere on Friday, December 20, so stay tuned!


Please note that this is a sponsored post, although all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands and companies that make Darling Cashmere a success!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Timeless Holiday Hostess Gift Guide by Jordan McBride

Hello, gorgeous! I'm Jordan McBride, and I plan and style timeless weddings and events in Phoenix, Arizona and beyond. It's such a sweet privilege to be guest posting on Darling Cashmere today! Rebecca has you covered with what to wear to all your holiday parties this month, but what to bring for the hostess? I'm so excited to share my timeless holiday hostess gift guide. Enjoy!

Charbonnel et Walker's pink champagne truffles are to die for - I don't know anyone who doesn't love them. The dusted strawberry ones come in a darling red box that's perfect for the holidays and can be kept as a keepsake long after the truffles are gone!

I love any party gift that can be used during the party. These gold foil letterpressed coasters are the perfect mix of fun and function!

Who doesn't love a festive drink during the holiday season? A great addition to the bar cart, this book offers page after page of cold-weather cocktail recipes - complete with gorgeous photography. (Wrap it up and attach this adorable wine stopper to the bow for a finishing touch!)

Kate Spade can do no wrong. These shakers are a classic, chic addition to any hostess's home.

Cocktail trays are so versatile! The sophisticated combination of white and gold would compliment her bar cart, her coffee table, her dresser, or even her desk.

There is so much overlap between interior design and event design - I love pulling inspiration from the interior design world into an event space. In fact, I probably read more interior design blogs than wedding blogs! Erin Gates is an interior designer based in Boston whose classically-fresh style makes me swoon. Just imagine a Christmasy arrangement like this one in her striped vase!

When I was a little girl, my favorite thing in the world was a Shirley Temple - with extra cherries. These days, I enjoy the grown-up version: with a splash of vodka and a couple of Luxardo cherries (or let's be honest - right out of the jar). They taste absolutely amazing, and your hostess will appreciate something she wouldn't typically splurge on.

Again, if you want to keep it simple but unique, give a gift that your hostess is sure to love but not likely to buy for herself. She'll be happy to replace her Swiss Miss with this set of gourmet hot chocolate and marshmallows from Williams-Sonoma.

Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit like the smell of a fresh Christmas tree. This potpourri looks and smells so festive. (This candle, too!)

Stripes and salted caramel... together?! Amazing. And after the guests devour the popcorn, imagine how cute the tin would be as a vase or ice bucket!