Backpack Camping

Well, I made it through my first backpack camping experience! After a crazy two weeks of events and working 11 days straight (thinking back on it now that doesn't seem that bad, but I was definitely exhausted), I decided to be a bit spontaneous and suggest a last-minute backpack camping trip to my Mr. Obviously he jumped right on-board, and the next day we were all packed into two backpacks with our pup, Prince Cashmere, and ready for a night in the woods!

We decided to camp at Stone Mountain State Park, a local favorite of ours for hiking. The trip there was short, just under an hour, but the 2-mile hike to our campsite was treacherous! We got to our site and set up just before dusk and made our favorite camping treat--macaroni and cheese! I finally fell asleep while trying to ignore the possibility that bears would come and attacks us, and woke up refreshed (and sore) to an absolutely incredible morning.

The weather could not have been more perfect, and we ended up hiking around 10 miles total--4 of those with incredibly heavy backpacks on! I totally recommend trying out backpack camping, especially if you'll get bonus points with your husband like I did!
 Good morning! The Mr. made us oatmeal and hot tea for breakfast.
 Our home for the night!
Just off the trail was a gorgeous little clearing with the chimney of an old homestead
 The view from one of the lookouts on Stone Mountain
 Oh and this little picture is after the Mr. decided to take the scenic route to get ice cream (my award for the trip!) with absolutely no sign of restrooms and then we get stopped by a 10-minute stoplight!



  1. I love everything about this post!!
    A few of my favorites...
    -Cashmere stretching in first picture
    -The fact y'all made your famous mac & cheese
    -The stop light!

  2. I agree with Paige! I love it that you are willing to go beyond your comfort zone and try new things, and also that you did not get eaten by bears!


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