Mrs. Kearns

Hello, darlings! Eek where have I been?! I think I am seriously beginning to realize that I just cannot do it all. I have a very full plate with a wonderful career event planning, lots of scheduled time in fellowship in a couple Bible studies, a few days a week of zumba, of life in general (laundry and grocery shopping, anyone?) and last but certainly not least--being a Mrs.

Being married is such a joy, but in no way, shape, or form is it easy. Of course I never expected it to be, but wow--the giving and receiving of grace is even more important now than ever. It is so clear that love and compassion must take the front seat with us. Building up our friendship and bond with Christ as the center is our mission.

On the tough days of our marriage it is hard to keep focused on our commitment and the special life that we have built together so far. My prayer is that on those days I would immediately and constantly seek the Lord's face and His guidance. I pray that on those tough days and in difficult circumstances I am forgiving and that I seek forgiveness. And I pray that in my thoughts and actions I would honor my husband and our relationship, and through that honor God.

With that, here is a happy glimpse into a few of the amazing photos Joy Davis Photography snapped of me and my Mr. on our wedding celebration day!

Right after our "first look"!

All photography by Joy Davis Photography!